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Due to the increasing demand of precision and accurate metering of hydrocarbon products, the net accuracy of field production of Oil, water and Gas flow rate and content of each component in the three –phase mixture can be measured in real time and can also be equipped with remote communication via the internet with the latest MPFM in the market today; The Tri-phase metering system. Thus, Tri-phase metering system can help to improve the management of Oil field, solve the problem in the measurement of single well, many wells and well stations



A well test is described as the measurement, under controlled conditions, of all factors relating to the production of oil, gas, and water from a well in a given length of time. Well tests assist in the prediction of production capabilities and trends. Important decisions, such as production methods, secondary-recovery programs, and developmental drilling are made from this information. Well testers have a responsibility to provide complete, accurate data of the reservoir performance.

Since the sole purpose of the testing exercise is to gather information, the essential equipment of the test system are the means of obtaining: • Temperatures • Pressures • Rates • Volumes • Samples


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