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A well test is described as the measurement, under controlled conditions, of all factors relating to the production of oil, gas, and water from a well in a given length of time. Well tests assist in the prediction of production capabilities and trends. Important decisions, such as production methods, secondary-recovery programs, and developmental drilling are made from this information. Well testers have a responsibility to provide complete, accurate data of the reservoir performance.

Since the sole purpose of the testing exercise is to gather information, the essential equipment of the test system are the means of obtaining: • Temperatures • Pressures • Rates • Volumes • Samples

Surface equipment used to conduct a well test is a unique combination of components that provide well control, well effluent processing, analysis, and disposal. The exact combination of the components necessary to achieve these goals is dependent upon well conditions and test requirements.

Well test operations deal with highly flammable fluids at high pressure and temperatures. It is therefore essential that installation and operation of well test equipment be handled by trained personnel adhering to standard safe procedures.

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